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2021 Gardens

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Being more home bound than normal this cold non-gardening season has inspired me in many ways... Most importantly how to improve my gardens..... Yes I will have plentiful flowers this summer and fall.... Right now I am working on earlier spring season crops. Last year I planted over 50 hellebore, this winter I've planted tulips,anemone, ranunculus and sweet pea... cool weather lovers.... Not Cold tundra lovers..... which has been the current weather pattern. I hope March brings us bearable weather temps, and the snow melts so we can again enjoy the color of local flowers.

April 24 & 25 I will be set up at The Market at Maison, an amazing venue in Albion.

April flowers bring us an abundance of fragrance in lily of the valley, daffodils & hyacinths.

May provides me with an overflowing greenhouse of plants ready to go in the gardens as the weather allows. Lilacs assorted bulbs such as tulips, wood and grape hyacinth& more.

June brings breathtaking peonies, allium, iris, and delphinium bouquets...

July and August heat loving flowers such as dahlia, zinnia, sunflowers, larkspur, amazon dianthus and lavender are in full bloom. The gardens are now in full color.

September more sunflowers in many shades! The kale looks more beautiful than ever with the cooler nights! And eucalyptus!!! The dahlias are now in their prime!

October is still quite surprising in the garden as heavy frosts hold off till later than ever these past years. Tree pumpkins, amaranthus, Sunflowers, kale and dahlias, eucalyptus, and bittersweet are still thriving.

November weather tends to be the favorite weather for kale it loves the cooler temps which brings out it's best colors. As the season changes I transition from bittersweet to rosehips and evergreens.

December, more evergreens, pinecones ,rosehips and the whimsy of everlasting /dried flowers prevail.

New to the 2021 gardens: An abundance of sunflowers in too many colors to mention. Along with a sunflower punch card. Pre -purchase a Sunflower or Dahlia punch card ,and ,by appointment, pick your own handheld bouquet.

$50 cards = 5 u-pick visits10stems per visit

or 50 sunflowers

( applies to branching varieties only)

Also new this year, a wildflower meadow for the birds, butterflies and photo ops....

So on these cold, sunny winter days ,you can see I am dreaming of spring and the abundance it brings.

To participate in all the gardens have to offer, join the CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture) flower subscription with 2 pickup options 1. Westside Gardens , Brockport or 2 . J. William Jewelers 106 S. Union St , Spencerport

Or 12 months of flowers,

Purchase a punch card

Join a class

order Event Flowers from the gardens.

For any items I post pictures of, feel free to email or text me for more info.

Hope you will meet me in the garden....... Brenda Westside Gardens

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