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A Day in the life....

Yes , I play with flowers most days. I am lucky like that. Yes, it is a lot of work too. Today's joy came when it rained. I had been out ,sweating it out, working on an old perennial garden and rebuilding a stone border. The rain was a pleasant relief. It meant I can transplant , and seed some cool flowers, and cut back on my watering duties. I am really excited about the transplanting part. It's now going on 10 years that I have lived here. The gardens around the house were already here. I've ripped out plenty of aggressive plants and ground covers. And I am back at it again. Since a lot of my perennial gardens are 9 years old or so, there are many plants in those that need dividing and shifting too. So every time it rains I like to transplant. Weeding is also much easier after a rain if your soil is loose.

On the hot days of summer I am cutting and drying .The quicker flowers dry ,the better the color, so hanging in the heat of the barn the drying process happens quite quickly. The wreath pictured is fresh made to dry. The lemon eucalyptus is very pungent and my whole workshop smelled amazingly lemony. The wreath is hanging in the attic . This will be our September wreath, available pre-made, as a DIY kit , or join a class. The October wreath class will offer a wreath of bittersweet, broom corn, hops and more. December wreath class will be an evergreen wreath. There are 2 more scheduled garden tour and bouquet classes. September 1 and September 13. Private groups of 6 or more can also schedule a class.

The gardens are constantly changing....through the fall, they are loaded with dahlias, the zinnias are still going strong , I have new areas of sunflowers popping, the many colors of gomphrena are loaded, eucalyptus and mahogany hibiscus are ready for harvesting, as well as many more. For the September 13 class we will be adding more fall components such as bittersweet, millet , broom corn and pumpkin on a stick.. Join a class view the gardens in 360... with live music background of birds singing, the humming birds humming by and the grace of the butterflys. Take home more garden knowledge then you probably need and a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you designed from the gardens. Or check out a wreath class or a fall basket class. I will be taking a week off later in September and I have 3 October weddings from the gardens. We still have a couple good months of flowers, cash and carries are on the stand, pre-orders available for front porch pick up or with appointment in the workshop. Bunches, arrangements or pails of flowers are always available. Feel free to reach out as the options are quite endless....

You know were to find me.... in the gardens....

text , email, or call.....

Thanks for your support, Brenda Westside Gardens

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