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Christmas Cheer

Another beautiful December day...... "warm" temperatures, a good day for a walk thru the gardens and on the farm to see what I may find...... I have a collection of bird nests, that were found in Christmas trees. I am incorporating into arrangements.... Will be cutting more rosehips and dusty miller.... and the last of the ornamental kale, eucalyptus and some lavender greenery for a winter wedding I am working on.... Can't wait till I can share those pictures...

I love checking out the cool weather seedlings in the gardens, it is amazing how large some of them are... will make for fabulous early crops...I am really excited for late winter as I planted quite a few hellebore plants, can't wait to see their blooms...

Yes, I am already dreaming of next years gardens. Every year is different based on the weather.... With the warm weather the cool season crops kept growing... This fall and winter went very well, the lack of snow made everything so much easier! Now I am ready to wind down for winter.... it has been a long season that began in March.... not complaining as it kept my mind off covid and the affairs of the world. The gardens are a Happy place no matter what turmoil we have in this crazy world.

My seed order is almost complete... my vision for the gardens is very different next year... I've got a lot of ideas for improvements.... Lots of new ideas and new crops to try..... Looking forward to March to start all over again!

There is a nice selection of items available for sale Friday and Saturday of this weekend at Shetler tree farm, (lots of gift and decorating ideas... to gift to others or yourself).... I am no longer making "extra's" but just filling orders....If you want something specific please pre-order to guarantee or choose from the pre-made items. ... feel free to contact me for a viewing or stop by during tree farm hours ( this is the last weekend of the season) Gifts for sale in the big barn , my workshop is in my garage, if you are looking for interior arrangements or fresh centerpieces. Email, text or private message is best... depending where I am on farm or what my hands are doing I may not answer the phone. If you do call and I don't answer please leave a message and I will call you back....

I've struggled this season... do I purchase flowers grown out of the country and shipped across the world.... Do I go back to florist style I had done for so many years.... I decided to stay true to my plan and use locally grown product... and keep my motto grown on the farm. My style is normally natural to organic, Christmas time is the one exception where I doa bit of bling and glitter... tastefully I hope.... :)

The 12 months of flowers and the Flower CSA programs make great gift ideas....

Be Healthy, Stay safe and Happy Holidays...... Brenda / Westside Gardens

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1 Comment

Dec 11, 2020

What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing all of your "garden thoughts". I love you stayed local and true to "grown on the farm". It feels special and unique. I am looking forward to see your gardens grow!

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