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Having plentiful flowers… That is how the Season is looking… Yes it is still May, barely, but the gardens are full of color, as of these last 2 weeks. The warm winter is providing us with many garden surprises, unheard of for May… The peonies are in bloom! I have cut my first dahlia blooms… there are not many yet, but with over 300 planted they will be plentiful! I even found 9 plants that overwintered thanks to the warm winter. A few field grown snaps came back as well as a couple of my eucalyptus. The artichokes have buds already, making this year like none other. Every time I stroll through the gardens I find more surprises!

I started planting my cool season crops in early April . The cool season crops do best when planted during cooler weather. The other reason I start in April is it takes me 2 months to plant, the gardens are that big! Not all my seedlings mature at the same time, luckily. Planting is a slow progression averaging 3-5 flats a day. I have learned a lot in the 33 plus years I have been growing large scale. I still garden “old school “ for the most part, it is what I know and what works for me. I do pick up a lot of cool new tricks from other flower farmers and u tube too! And yes, I am a bit obsessed with flowers. While I love gardening, I also love designing. After 40 in the retail Florist industry I enjoy the freedom of the gardens and the unique diversity that actually grows in our climate! Gardening is full of experimentation and what works one year may not work another, as the weather also plays a huge role.

I’m looking forward to hosting a peony class Saturday June 1, 2-3 weeks earlier then previous years…but the peonies have started popping and the gardens are organized and planted. Warm Spring weather always shortens the season of our Spring blooms. Saturdays class will have info on saving peonies for future enjoyment to enjoy fresh or dried.

If time allows there will be another Peony Pop up class...

I am also available for private classes.

Hard to day what the June weather will bring but I know the gardens will be Flowerful!

Thank you to Everyone who shares my posts, flower pictures and info, it really helps to spread the word so I can keep gardening!

Thanks for following in my flower journey, hope to meet you in the gardens.

  • Flowers for all occasions or no occasion

  • CSA weekly, biweekly or monthly flowers- the best way to enjoy the freshest from the gardens All season… ( remember signing up for a CSA gets you the freshest from the garden- harvested just for You! and a Garden stroll this summer- when the gardens are full and lush!)

  • Custom Orders by appointment or front porch pick up

  • Self serve flowers on the flower cart

  • Wedding and Event Flowers , Flower Bars

  • Brenda/ Westside Gardens

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