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Fresh Starts

How refreshing January feels, a time for new new beginnings, reflection and catching ones breath. We've been blessed with pleasant weather which has allowed Cody and I many winter walks. As I stroll the gardens, and farm I am planning the seasons ahead, envisioning the Spring, Summer and Fall blooms! While Winter may not have your traditional blooms of color, there are still interesting textures and components to be found on the farm to incorporate into winter designs. The flowers dried and collected, from the summer gardens also make fun winter designs. The first class of the season will be a dried flower class January 22 to be held at Soulshine Healing and Arts Wellness Center, here in Brockport. This will give us the opportunity to spread out and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful new setting. Please see the event section for more details.

The weather and the Seasons dictate what I am up to. I've always been one of those weather watchers.... I've been a serious gardener for over 30 years now. While we rely on the weather all year , gardeners do, especially so, in early Spring and Fall . Spring blooms will bloom but Mother nature decides when. Just as she decides when our first killing frost will be.... Thank goodness for cool season crops as they become season extenders.... crops that don't mind the cold! Every year in the gardens is different and that's what I love about gardening! No matter the weather something always thrives! Will the Spring be chilly or will we have a quick warmup to summer? We do not know, but either way there are so many options to choose from! The June event calendar is filling up fast. Late August to early October is now full. I am still accepting event orders for July and August, when the summer flowers peak. There will be plenty of flowers for cash and carry bouquets from the stand, custom orders for front porch pick up and CSA's. Anyone who has been in the gardens when in bloom, knows the volume of flower options......

This upcoming season the goal will be to host a garden tour class in June, July and August.... Each month is different as the gardens are constantly changing.... Feel free to enjoy the garden pictures on social media. I will be sharing garden and floral pictures from previous years all winter. But better yet join a class and stroll the gardens in person. Let your senses enjoy the surroundings to the fulIest. If you like what you see, in pictures, please like , share or comment! This goes a long ways in helping me share my passion of flowers and gardening!

May you all find your Passion, Peace and Happiness in 2023! And don't forget to dream of Spring!

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