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Garden Dreams

What does a gardener do in January? Catch up on the things they've ignored during gardening season...... Sounds boring but feels good to get those closets cleaned out and some organization back in the house.... But in between those chores are next years garden dreams.... And u-tube binge watching!!! Even though I have been gardening for over 30 years there is still soooo much to learn. I have been starting seeds pretty much the same way for 30 years . My system works for me. But I want to challenge the elements, I want to extend my season, I want to conquer those finicky plants you need to fuss with..... And I have the time, for the first time in the last 30 years.... no kids living at home, no full time job and Covid....... all give me time to experiment.... I am having so much fun, in between the boring household jobs ....

Last years gardens were gorgeous, looking back at the pictures reminds me.... this years gardens will be phenomenal... so many new ideas, of which I am starting to implement now. Yes I am sowing seeds... planting bulbs and corms.... In January. My new experiment.... The goal will be an extension of the season. Yet I am not looking to build new greenhouses and such.... My traditional method allowed me plenty of flowers the end of May thru a killing frost..... My goal this year is to have awesome and unusual product a month or 2 earlier... will it work? I don't know , will the weather cooperate? Time will tell.... In the meantime I have tulips planted in pots, so I can protect from the critters, I have anemone and ranunculus and a ton of sweet peas started. I have 13 winter sowed milk jugs...... And if you have seen the gardens you know they are filled with assortments of daffodils,hyacinth, forsythia, hellebore , peonies, lilacs and so much more for Spring harvests...... I truly can't wait till March this year! The month that Spring is supposed to start in upstate N.Y., and I hope to have the flowers to go along with it....

It's winter, we all have free time, feel free to read my previous blogs on what I am working on in the gardens... I love sharing my knowledge... and yes it is a lot of work to grow all these beautiful blooms.... It is a labor of love.... Flowers make people Happy... Flowers make me Happy... hope you will join me for a class or a tour. Take a look at our CSA to check out all the phenomenal options a season of locally grown flowers can bring...

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