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Garden Ramblings

What a blur June was in the gardens. June was full of events from weddings, to showers, to recitals and celebration of life flowers. The weather is in control early and late in the season. Spring can be cool or quite warm and the weather determines when and how long the perennials will bloom. While the peonies have faded in the gardens I have many in cold storage to be used for summer events. The lupines are done blooming but luckily the delphinium , which have bloomed magnificently for a couple weeks will still bloom sporadically throughout the season. The foxglove and larkspur will continue to bloom, and the hydrangea will come on strong and be around for several months. Fragrant lavender and lush babies breath are now also in full bloom, and are available by bunch or pail.There are so many other options that I can't even mention them all. Now that summer is in full swing the heat loving annuals will be coming to full bloom. The zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias and cockscomb will all be abundant in the gardens. While the eucalyptus is still small I am hoping by September it will be lush enough to cut. We've had a lot of extremes in the gardens this year. From unseasonably warm to cold. And most recently quite dry. I am grateful that we put water lines to the gardens in last year. While I don't have irrigation lines just having close access to water has helped a lot. As long as we don't go into an actual drought I will continue to water. Considering we have well water if our ponds get too low, I do stop watering. I have used a lot of grass clippings, cardboard, newspaper and straw to cover my soil. This helps with weed control and keeping the soil moist.

In June I was able to squeeze in 2 classes, a Garden Tour and Bouquet Class and a Yoga and lavender class. July is looking quite busy too . There will be a garden tour based on cutting bouquets and drying flowers from the gardens on July 18. More class options will be available in August. Late June and early July there will be options for u cut lavender from the gardens. Garden tours are also an option when you book an event, as we will stroll the gardens to determine which flowers fit your needs best.

I will have a display set up at Homesteads for Hope the last week of July. My workshop is always open by appointment. Front porch pick up is also an option. I also do a limited amount of deliveries.

This weeks gardens endeavors will be watering, fertilizing and cutting and drying from the gardens. Love in a mist, feverfew, lavender, larkspur, pennycress and strawflowers are all ready to be dried for future projects. Many more options will be cut and dried for future protects.

Off to the gardens I go for peace and serenity in this crazy world. I wish I could share the tranquility of the gardens with you all. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or instagram , I hope you can absorb the beauty of the gardens from the pictures I share. Hope to meet you in the Gardens.

Brenda / Westside Gardens

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