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Garden Surprises

Today felt like winter. I did not work in the gardens , but did harvest from the gardens. We’ve had winter , summer and a bit of spring this month. I’m hoping June will be kinder, because this month was tough...The gardens are in, I will still be doing succession planting, especially with the sunflowers , to have a constant selection. But now for the most part I just have weed control and harvesting to accomplish, Phew... oh , and don’t forget the weather... Still working on finishing up our projects that happened to fall in May. The best part of the days, is walking out to the gardens to find something new blooming, or a row of buds forming. Or better yet to find that 1/2 of last years eucalyptus overwintered!!! Success! Yes! I am soooo excited! It’s going to be a fabulous year of eucalyptus! More excitement, the Wildflower Garden has been planted! I had been holding off for the rain, and ofcourse most of the month was dry. seeds were scattered last night and watered by today’s rain. I am hoping the seeds grow quicker than the weeds. The garden was planted for the birds, and the bees and the butterflies 🦋. It seemed unethical to spray poison to plant this garden, so instead I tilled the ground twice. I hope the wildflowers win the battle! New classes have been posted. Reach out to me if you have any questions, I’m available for private classes, here in the gardens, and have flowers throughout the season for events or just because... Meet me in the garden.... Brenda Westside Gardens

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