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Happy Gardening

What do I love most about gardening..... the element of surprise... And boy what an interesting year it has been!

The weather has given us the biggest surprises this year with a couple of 80 degrees days in April, to a record cold snap in May, to the drought of June, to the rainy conditions of July and August thus far. Benefits of the rain this summer, very tall plants, cons, tall plants that fall over with the wind gusts....... Cons, weed growth! Benefits, very little extra watering needed.

Cons extra mowing to do, benefits extra grass clippings to use in my gardens.

As you can see there are always pro's and con's. You just have to adjust to them. The gardens are still doing well. It is amazing how much they have transitioned since July and especially June! April blooms are mostly bulbs, May becomes cool season crops and perennials. July and August transition to the summer loving annuals loaded with color! It is quite amazing how the gardens transition in one months time..... And no matter what the weather something is always thriving with it!

Many of the summer annuals are come and cut again, which makes for a bountiful garden! Some of the spring perennials if deadheaded, watered and fertilized will bloom again. So there are always many jobs to keep up with. Seeding cool annuals or even perennials is best done this time of year too.

The most exciting thing about this season is the busy schedule ahead and the fun I will have with flowers!!!! Lots of cutting and designing from the gardens .Each event will be new and unique! No two events this season will be even similar!

I'm looking forward to the Aug 15 Garden Tour and Bouquet Class. Classes are always full of gardening tricks and stories. Join us for some peace, serenity and beauty in the gardens. I love sharing my gardening knowledge and tips. Have a group of kids who'd enjoy the gardens? Reach out and we will put together a class- geared to kids! Other upcoming classes include fall themed crafting classes with mini pumpkins which are abundant in the gardens this year and everlastings on September 20. I will also be hosting a Dahlia and fall themed Ucut on October 16........ register on website.

While we are into our fifth month of seasonal blooms from the gardens, September, October will still be bountiful with dahlias,sunflowers, ornamental kale ( aka cabbage roses), tree pumpkins , bittersweet, strawflowers and mini pumpkins taking the stage.

Until then Summer reigns with a bounty of lisianthus, zinnias, statice, sunflowers,herbs, cockscomb and more. Birds , bees and hummingbirds are busy in the gardens.

This past week included 4 private garden tours with late August and September Brides.

We finalize wedding details with a stroll through the gardens so they can see where their flowers come from and choose what they especially love! The common thought is everything is beautiful, we can't go wrong!

Off to the gardens I go! Hope you will meet me there to enjoy my flower journey!

Happy Gardening, Brenda

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