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January Distractions

Every season brings it's own blessings.... Winter in New York is a good time to slow down and reflect. While I don't mind a little snow, I don't like 4 months of it! I am sure most gardener's feel this way! Winter is my time to explore the farm and do some foraging. This time of year I am out hunting for pussy willow.... the back part of the farm is very wet so the willows are prolific back there. I forced my first bunches, cut on a warm early January day, a true sign of Spring.... lol in winter. When there is a lot of snow, like now, it is hard to get to the back of the farm, so on the nice days of winter I am back there cutting as the weather allows. The willow provides me with plenty of willow hearts and assorted wreaths throughout the spring months. For now, I have to wait for some snow melt before I get back there again. Some snow is good though, for the perennial's that is. The snow cover insulates them and they survive the colder temps better. As our winter seasons gets milder, it becomes possible to overwinter plants that don't traditionally survive our climate. I'm hoping the cold temps and no snow cover earlier didn't harm them.

I always look forward to the forsythia, hellebore, ranunculus and bulbs, more signs of Spring.

I've been busy with numerous custom orders, and have been working on dried flower hearts and kids craft kits, so I've been able to get my flower fix in. I've been trying to hold off on my seed starting. Starting seeds too early without the perfect conditions makes for weak ,wimpy plants. It is also a lot more work! Controlling temps, watering and pinching more. That being said, and with all the snow outside... the gardening itch became real this week. I started eucalyptus, 4 varieties. It is a slow starter and takes 3 weeks to germinate. Next I will be starting my ranunculus corms. As I get more bored with the winter weather I will do some winter sowing and dream of my summer gardens. Last year I added quite a few more perennial varieties and some bushes so I'm very excited to see how they perform. As always I am trying to mix it up and try new things.... that's the exciting element about gardening, every year can be so different....

This blog has taken me 4 days to write, as my biggest January distraction is my new pup Cody. He's 3/4 Corgi and 1/4 Jack Russel... he's adorable and so much fun, but high maintenance... We are doing puppy training and just enjoying our quiet days of January. He needs to learn his manners before spring hits. He likes people way to much and gets very excited when someone new visits. Most importantly I've taught him to enjoy the outdoors! So if I seem quieter these days I'm keeping busy with other distractions. Cody....

As always feel free to reach out with any flower requests.. I love custom orders, and working from nature... I'm looking forward to this year's events , weddings and everything floral..... Hope you will meet me in the garden.....

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