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March Madness

Here it is mid March and we are All dreaming of warmer days! It feels more like mid January but Spring is on the Horizon! By outside appearances one would think it was a quiet time of year. While it may be quieter because I can't get any of our early Spring outdoor jobs done, there sure is a lot going on indoors! I have 4 seedling stations loaded with seedlings of all sizes. The lush summer blooms don't happen all on their own , they require lots of planning and pampering! While some seedlings are doing great, others have been a fail. Most seeds that are started this time of year are very slow growers initially. The majority love and thrive in cooler temperatures. Being overanxious for Spring makes the process seem a bit tedious. Yet playing in the "dirt" and watching my babies grow is what gets me through the long days of winter! Who knew March was winter? What happened to kite flying and green grass, and planting peas in March? The goal is to move the cool season plants to my seasonal greenhouse mid-March. I sure hope that happens so I can start my next batches of seedlings. Mid April I start my warm weather plants directly in the greenhouse. March and April is when cool season crops should be planted in the gardens as cool season crops actually grow best in the cooler temps and dislike warmer days.... We need a serious thaw before cool season crops can be planted. Lets hope that arrives soon as we are all more than ready for Spring!

While I am trying a lot of new items this year, I also have the tried and true favorites. Some of the new items I have started and are doing well include artichokes, for eating or designing. Shallots, canterbury bells and liatris. Also doing well are the ranunculus, eucalyptus, dahlias, snapdragons, stock, sweet peas and white fountain grass. Other projects I am working on include winter sowing. I have more than a dozen milk jugs out in the snow with seeds waiting for warmer days to sprout. I have also started some soft wood propagation that I am experimenting with. My goal is to plant a lot of bushes and trees, flowering and fruiting, where Christmas trees once stood. I am hoping to propagate more boxwood, lavender, rosemary, ninebark and others this way. Gardening is as much about experimenting as it is about the experience.

May , June and September will be very busy months this year. May because it is prime planting time. June and September this year because of the many Showers and Weddings that I have booked. The gardens are my labor of love. No it is not easier to grow my own flowers. It is, about the journey. Thanks for following me on my flower obsession. Where do your flowers ,fruits and vegetables come from. Next time you are purchasing from a local grower or farmer, remember a lot of hard work went into getting you your product. Probably a lot of passion and a love of what they are doing too.

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May you find your passion and follow it, wherever it may lead you.

Brenda/ Westside Gardens

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