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Spring triumphs over winter....

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Sure feels good to know that the longest part of winter is now behind us. I have ranunculus, sweet peas, eucalyptus and stock started as well as tuberoses, callas and even a dahlia. A cold snowy March can be difficult for many reasons..... I often get myself in trouble and start too many seeds too soon. Or I stare at the seed catalogs dreamily and order more seeds or plants that I don't need. In March I will be moving my cool season plants to the greenhouse. Last season I focused on perennials....... I put in more flowering bushes and enlarged the perennial beds... So I look forward, with excitement, to a new season of blooms, a new season of growth, and the peace and serenity and beauty of the gardens, in a world that gets crazier every day.

My days are busy now, with a new Puppy, but as we stroll daily through the gardens I am dreaming of the flowers to come , and the events they will be used for. I am watching the lilac and hydrangea buds, and checking out the growth on the bulb plants. Seasonal blooms, grown from the heart with love, on the farm. As flowers bloom I share photos of options on facebook and instagram. This helps you to see what is available in varieties and colors. Sizes can vary from a $10 cash and carry to a large funeral arrangement. The sky is the limit.

When I book a wedding or event using garden flowers we stroll the gardens to see options, and for you to point out what you love. The connection of knowing where your flowers are from makes the arrangements even more amazing. As I scroll through old photos on my phone I see we are just weeks away from the first seasonal blooms.

I will be posting a class per month in the gardens.Late June with the delphinium and peoniesin bloom is quite amazing. Private classes can also be booked with groups of 6 or more.

I am looking for garden helpers. Jobs would include weeding or watering. Payment would be in flowers. Feel free to email me for more information.

My garden is my happy place and my artistic outlet. I hope you will join me in helping me spread happiness and peace thru my gardens, whether it is with a"pick me up" bouquet, or event flowers or a class, or even pictures online. May you receive joy with locally grown flowers. And remember Spring is in the air......

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