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November Blessings

Well I've re-written this blog numerous times. The weather keeps changing my direction... With those first few days of cold weather I was ready to let the garden go for the year... And then it got nice for a good week and I was back in the garden. My cool weather crops are unbelievable. Last years ornamental kale was a failure and this years is gorgeous!! You never know! I'm already dreaming of next years gardens many ideas whirling in my head!

With the ornamental kale as my inspiration I am finally getting some design time in.... feels great to be creative again....This really will be my last fling with garden fresh flowers....

Everything will be evergreens related after this.... Kissing balls, wreaths, swags, centerpieces, porch and patio arrangements, mailbox huggies and more! Facebook and instagram are the easiest places to post pictures .. so make sure to follow along.

Looking for help with decorating or holiday gifts.....reach out to schedule an appointment to stop and see my collections.

Wreaths and swags also available at Shetler Tree farm ( Big barn) Fridays thru Mondays starting November 22 till about a week before Christmas.

Due to Covid after next weekend I will not be doing classes, other than private classes. If you have a small group who is interested let's talk...

Here are a couple pictures from this weeks designs... A Wedding bouquet and Holiday Thank you flowers straight from the gardens. Enjoy! Stay safe!

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