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October Transition

Rainy days are my reflection and blog days.... I do hope to be in the garden this afternoon, as it will be perfect weather to transplant and work control of this year's garden. While the cooler temps make it easier to work in the gardens the dark evenings mark the beginning of what feels like hibernation. Good weather days are still spent harvesting. While I love my flowers, I am still harvesting, an abundance (for 2 people) of peppers, tomatoes, kale and assorted herbs. The basement holds a winters supply of onions. I've been stocking the shed, and attic with dried everlastings for winter projects. 30 years ago I remember in mid September I'd be watching the weather for frosts, because my Son's birthday is Sept 16... And we would have a killing frost around then, more often it would be later in September. In recent years we tend to make it until late October. After my October weddings ,I will be hosting dahlia U-cuts to share the gardens bounty and last hooray of the dahlias. There is also a weekly class posted each week of October. If you have a group of 6 or more contact me to schedule a private fall class ,call or send me an email.

Excepting pre-order Thanksgiving centerpieces......November brings the transition to all things evergreen.

After a Family wedding in Arizona, I will be in full swing by November 16 working on Christmas wreaths, kissing balls, swags, porch pots, centerpieces and more..... Extra'

s are available at Shetler Tree Farm based on availability . Pre-orders and custom orders accepted or feel free to schedule an appointment in my workshop to view options....

So as you can see I will be busy through Christmas.... then the true hibernation begins!

I don't sit still for long, but do have some interior house projects to get done before Spring hits and then, as the Cabin fever hits, I head outside and start all over again!

PS Didn't feel like playing in the mud today so I worked on wreaths , both dried and fresh to dry...... If you want to schedule a viewing email, text or call. Or if you want pics text me, and I will send you pics , or custom orders accepted based on availability.

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