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Rainy Day Blog

I've been thinking of this title for some time now, but it just wouldn't rain! My daily tasks, pre rainy days, include a lot of watering ( and harvesting) Weeding , mulching and dead heading. There is nothing like a good rain for the gardens! Rainwater is the best and it's really accumulating these days. The gardens will soon be entering the jungle stage.....

I see blue sky so heading back to the gardens for a bit....

Two days later and I'm back! This is how my last 2 blogs have gone..... start and head to the gardens - of course MY Favorite place! Which is why I haven't been blogging as much, the gardens are keeping me quite busy. If you've seen the gardens in the past great! If you haven't this year they are looking outstanding, I think you will agree the pictures are beautiful, but hope you can check them out in person, The classes are such a feel good event..... I am doing more private classes this year, with groups of 6 or more. Otherwise watch for class listings on the website.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing the gardens with others. From stories on gardening techniques to trial and error and garden experiments. But especially the crops, as I cut from the gardens daily the are always bouquets,arrangements or pails available, as well as everlasting or drying flowers..... for sale. For any event or just because.

Summer flowers are coming to their own, tons of sunflowers in so many colors! From white lights which are a lemon yellow to dark burgundy and every color in between. Sure can't choose a favorite color they are all so amazing! To order a bouquet, a pail or an arrangement check the website, although the options are limitless ( I could never add enough pictures to show all the options) or email ( with your request. My goal is to have sunflowers till a killing frost! Front porch pick up is always an option, Tuesday pick up at Heritage Bell, or Thursday pick up at J Williams Jewelers. Delivery is an option on orders over $50 if I am not already booked (there is a delivery fee) .

I am also cutting dahlias and zinnias and the list goes on, it is also changing daily. Along with many other summer favorites! Follow on facebook and instagram to see daily garden and flower pics! Flowers make people Happy. Watching them grow does the same, enjoy the journey with me, know where your flowers come from, follow the story and support local.

Out to the gardens I go......

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