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Spring Gardening and Seed starting

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The weather is changing, this will be out first week of Spring, after what seemed like a Longggg winter, or should I say February? With all the snow cover we had it was hard to be a 12 season gardener! I've spent a lot of time babying seedlings and propagating seedlings and succulents this winter. But now as warm temperatures approach I feel like a kid in a candy store!!! I've had to control myself this winter, as this is NY and Spring often comes late around here. Later than most of us wish...

My gardening is filled with experimentation.... I am always working towards a longer growing season. Trying to over winter things that normally don't overwinter...... Currently my focus has been on the cool season crops, plants that like cooler temps. Plants that will reseed and overwinter on their own.

I've started a few crates of anemone , ranunculus and sweet peas . They are growing well so far. Being my first year with them we will see how they turn out. I may not have the ideal set up for them, but am working with what I have, I have about 25 flats of seeds started. While I have grown a lot of the same varieties for 30 years , 1/3 of my seeds are new to me. So many fun varieties to choose from! With seed starting you have so many more options available than you can find at your local garden centers in plants. My excitement grows each day as I check on my seedlings..... There is something so invigorating in playing in the dirt and watching things grow!

This is the time of year when it is easy to get ahead of the season and be over zealous.... which causes it's own problems. Every type of seed has it's own requirements. While I have flats started the majority will be started in April. Our more common varieties usually require being started 4-8 weeks before the last frost date... There is nothing worse than starting seedlings too early and have them get spindly and leggy and shrivel up when they are planted outdoors.

As you can see from my seed collection I will be very busy in April in my tiny greenhouse. If you are like me you know how that goes. You go to the grocery store and grab the basket because you need a few things, by the time you get to the checkout your basket is overflowing. Same thing with my greenhouse! lol ! If my greenhouse was bigger I would manage to fill that too!

April is seed planting and May is garden planting..... A very exciting time for any gardener!!!

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