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Spring Shenanigans

It is amazing that after a long cold winter, a Spring sunshiny day, whether it is 30, 40 or 50 degrees is a great gardening day. I am Happy to say I have enjoyed many of these. Plenty to do in the gardens these days. The music of the birds has been drawing me outside, such a happy sound. The birds singing, the weeds and the lawn, that needs raking, and my high energy Pup, who loves the outdoors are also drawing me out! I don't sit for long as there is plenty to do outside. The lawn was covered in small pinecones and twigs and branches, and is now half raked... yes it is a big yard. I have started weeding the perennial beds, as well as digging out the deep rooted weeds throughout the gardens, while the ground is wet and soft. I've removed leaves from the many bulbs popping up, and applied alpaca manure to the early perennials to give them a boost. I've also strategically placed it where the deer are grazing, as it is said to keep deer away.... we will see if that helps.

Now that the weather is turning colder again, I will be enjoying the coziness of my small greenhouse. The cool weather crops are doing well with these cooler temps and sunny days. They are growing deep roots and filling out nicely, can't wait to see ranunculus and sweet pea blooms.... they can't come soon enough! I am trying really hard to have beautiful, fragrant stock blooms too, I have even planted ( and covered) some outdoors. The early Spring crops are a lot of work with our constantly changing weather in N.Y.

In less than a month, depending on Mother Nature , all the cool weather crops will be outside permanently and the warm weather crops will fill the greenhouse. Things will then be in full swing.

I'm looking forward to cutting flowers from the gardens for numerous showers and weddings through out the season. The flower CSA's give you a great glimpse of the many varieties that bloom through out the season... starting with the spring bulbs , on to lilacs, peonies, delphinium, lupine and foxglove. Then come the summer blooms of zinnias, sunflowers, hydrangea and dahlias and more. The fall brings on pumpkin on a stick, bittersweet, various grasses, grains and more phenomenal Dahlias. Options are weekly, biweekly or monthly... a lush handful, a customized arrangement or a pail ( enough stems for a couple of arrangements or 8 mini vases) for DIY. Order online or call me directly to set this up. Not looking for a commitment contact me for a front porch pick up, custom order or grab a bouquet off the stand.

I am still working on the events schedule, Spoiler alert I will be teaming up with The Whole Approach for several event yoga classes to include Lavender and Yoga, Bouquets and Yoga and several Sunflowers, Sunsets and Yoga classes.

I 'm also booking private garden tour classes of 8 or more. Contact me directly for more info. There will be a monthly garden tour and bouquet class option during prime months of the season, posted on the website.

Also new this year, I am teaming up with Anita's Lounge for a Bouquet and Wine class this summer / fall.

Bittersweet in Brockport has offered to sell bouquets this summer.

J.Williams Jewelers in Spencerport will again be a pick up location for bouquets. Pre order appreciated.

Pre ordered bouquets are also available Tuesdays at Heritage Bell.

Seeding and planning stages are in full swing, oh how I am ready for unlimited sunshine, Warmth and gardens full of color! Hope you will join me in the gardens or enjoy a bouquet or arrangement of fresh cut ,locally grown flowers.....

.... by appointment only....

Text or email 585-880-0430

or call, please leave a message I'm unable to pick up.......

Think Spring! Brenda /Westside Gardens

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