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Summer Color

The Gardens are mostly planted. We have the old standby's, zinnias, snapdragons, and sunflowers. We'll have the bold summer statement flowers like dahlias, cockscomb and delphinium. Also beautiful filler flowers like feverfew, ladies mantle, red Dara Queen Annes lace, statice and eucalyuptus! . Fragrant lilacs, and lavender, and new this year tuberroses! ( if all goes well)

Right now we are cutting mostly bulbs and perennials. The spring bulbs seemed like they lasted forever because it was such a cool spring. Now the lilacs have popped, and the allium and hosta. The early fernleaf peonies came and went quickly, but the fragrant full size now opening! Iris and ladies mantle, astilbe, coral bells and lily of the valley are also blooming or about ready to. Lupine and delphinium are also budding up.... This year we are about 2 weeks behind.

Thirty years ago I did my own wedding flowers. Yes there were traditional roses and florist flowers but I also included locally grown in season ,lily of the valley, astilbe and coral bells. That year it was the very end of the season but I was able to cut from the garden! The date was June 2, 1990.

With the right weather, warmth and rain the summer annuals should be ready for cutting by mid July......There will be an abundance! The gardens will be open for u-cut, on select days and hours.

While this years goals have changed..... upcoming classes will include our Garden Tour and Bouquet class, Mom and me classes, as well as cut your own lavender bouquet. The goal will be a class a week open to public sign up. Class sizes will be smaller this year, maxing at 10. Private classes of 6 or more are also and option.

Other classes ... succulents... fairy gardens, fall decorative baskets.

Sign up for our email list and when dates are available you will be the first to know.

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