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Summer Flowers

Updated: May 29, 2020

So excited with the thought that soon the garden will be Full of color..... It has been a lonnnggg winter, spring has brought an abundance of daffodils..... There are many varieties which kept it exciting but I especially loved the smaller variety I have for it's fragrance! They are amazing!! Early in the season, and late in the season I have a problem with deer nibbling...and woodchucks.... They don't like daffodils but do like tulips.... so tulips I end up sharing with the deer... They will sometimes munch on my sunflowers but the goal is to have so many I don't miss what the deer munch on.

This year in the garden I will have my tried and true varieties, which I have been growing for years now, such as zinnias, snapdragons, dahlias ,sunflowers, black eyed susans , statice, celosia, cockscomb, eucalyptus, tall chinese forget me nots, ornamental kale, pumpkin on a stick, and more, which are all annuals.

In perennials , lets see, delphinium, astilbe, coral bells, lupine, foxglove, feverfew, veronica, peonies, hydrangea, blue globe thistle, and again the list goes on...

And then I have some novelty items that I have never grown before.... looking forward to what they produce.... surprises are always fun!

CSA members are welcome to walk through the gardens( which are still a major work in progress) when you pick up their bouquets. You can also take a class to view the gardens....

The cold weather has left me behind in the gardens, but I am trying to catch up. When I do If I am allowed we will start back up with classes.... The goal will be 1 a week, but private group classes will also be an option. We will probably limit class size to 6 or 8 or so for the summer....

Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions... Thanks for your support and interest in my flower addiction!

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