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Summertime Fun

The gardens are popping with new surprises daily. Most days are now spent cutting for bouquets and orders or drying. We are also doing classes. There will be " U cut" . When I have excess flowers. First u-cut option is lavender, if I am working in the garden you are welcome, by appointment to cut your own lavender or I will post on facebook pop up times each week ( based on weather and me working in the garden).

Want to do a class, 2 options.... gather 5 or more friends and we will plan a class around your schedule. Or join a class as they are posted on facebook. Email me for with any questions

Need flowers for a special occasion, the gardens will be abloom thru September, November options become seasonal dried mixes and evergreen assortments for late November and December.

As my favorite place to be this time of year is in the garden the best way to contact me is email or text, as my hands are usually grubby and I don't always have pen and paper nearby.


The sun is out so I am heading to the garden!!

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