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Welcome to the Gardens

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Thanks for following me in my passion for the outdoors , nature and especially flowers.... I feel fortunate to live on this beautiful farm. With the pictures and my flowers my goal is to share the beauty with you.Whether you buy a bouquet of fresh flowers,( custom front porch pick up) or join a class.

I highly recommend a garden tour. My goal is to make my gardens teaching gardens. While a picture says a thousand words the serenity and peace and the sounds of birds and insects in the garden is such a peaceful and relaxing sound. I get lost daily in the gardens. Join me and see what it's about. Take home flowers, seeds, garden knowledge and some tranquility from the garden.The gardens are always evolving. The season of fresh locally grown flowers is ending soon, but the dahlias are blooming like Crazy!!! The eucalyptus is taller than it has ever been, the tree pumpkins are coloring up nicely . The ornamental kale and amaranthus are also going strong!

Classes are added weekly as the weather and covid allow.... Hope you will take advantage of the beautiful fall days and and get a live peek of the colors and sounds of the gardens....

Feel free to read all our blogs on the website. Want to put together a class with 5 or more friends , reach out to me on the options...

Fall classes are filling up so sign up early to secure your space, the goal is to continue the outdoor classes another month as the weather allows, and before we go into hibernation!

Time to head to the garden.....

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