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Winding Down

What a whirlwind of a year it has been. I know I am looking forward to the quiet of January, and dreams of next years gardens, while enjoying seed magazines and sorting through my seeds. Maybe even some seed starting.....

What have I been up to this fall? Numerous weddings. It is so exciting watching the gardens grow and bloom for future weddings. Creating from the gardens is magical, I may not always know what will bloom exactly when but there is an endless supply to choose from based on what looks nicest from the gardens. I do have availability for garden style weddings July- October 2022.

Fall and Winter are a great time for crafting classes. This December classes includes a wreath making, centerpiece and a kids crafting class. Classes may be posted for the public but most are private groups of up to 7...... makes for a fun girls night or family event.

November 15 through December is evergreen everything, from wreaths, to kissing balls ( medium and large), swags, patio pots, chair arrangements, centerpieces, you name it I can make it. ( except garland) I still have a nice selection of product available but at this point will only be working on pre -orders or custom orders.

Friday Dec 17, (afternoon) and Saturday December 18 are the last days of Christmas tree season and what a crazy one it has been! The scenery is changing a lot around here. We have sold a lot of Christmas trees, and have a lot of space behind us. Next year I am envisioning sunflowers planted amongst the evergreens.

Are you still decorating, check out the selection of fresh wreaths etc, contact me to schedule an appointment or stop by Friday afternoon or Saturday during tree farm hours. My cooler also has a selection of evergreen pieces ,alot in the $10-$15 for gift giving sizes. Custom orders excepted for larger pieces.

The workshop also has a selection of dried flowers for gift giving. Contact me for gift certificates , private classes or coming soon on the website CSA 2022 options at 2021 pricing till February.

We have a new addition to the family. Cody, he is 3/4 Corgi and 1/4 Jack Russel Terrier and he is keeping me super busy! He is quite smart, energetic and mischievous! He will keep me busy this winter for sure!

I would love to hear from you, let me know what you are looking for, maybe I can create it ... Best contact is email, , phone or text... 585-880-0430

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