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Winter Gardening

For a gardener, January is all about patience, planning and the Dream of a glorious garden! Patience has never been my virtue, so the long month of January is a tough one!

Oh, I know, I should sit back and relax and enjoy the quiet, and I do to an extent. I'd much prefer to be gardening though. So I flip though my photos of flowers and seed catalogues, even though the seed catalogues get dangerous this time of year because most of my seeds have already arrived. Looking thru catalogues has me wanting more than I could ever plant or maintain. This January has me experimenting. I'm propagating some hard wood cuttings, doing some plant layering, and am working on winter sowing. I am pre-sprouting ranunculus and anemone for earlier blooms. With every stroll through the gardens I am watching buds plump up and bulbs sprout. Some seed starting will begin soon too for those crops that need a long time to get growing. When I first started my extensive gardens, 2 homes and 30+ years ago, I was content with May- September gardening. Nowadays I am into extending my season, that's where the experimentation comes to play. That is how I manage blooms  April- November and even beyond . I'm not looking to add to my infrastructure , so no high tunnel for me, so I work with what I have . Experimenting and working with Mother Nature choosing seasonal crops. It won't be long before I am cutting pussy willow, then forsythia. The tulips, many varieties of narcissus, hellebore, hyacinth, anemone and ranunculus will bloom first. Followed by quite a variety of blooms.

This winter as I wait for fresh blooms I will be offering dried flower classes. Dried flowers are a great way to extend the season. They last for many , many years, if kept away from humidity and bright sunlight,which will fade them. Join a class or if you have a group of 4-6 we can schedule a private class. Email me for more information Or register for a scheduled class under events.

During the quieter months I also am more available to chat with Brides, while the real floral work is done just prior to weddings or any events, the winter months are time for the scheduling and initial planning. Should you have events in 2024 that you need flowers for reach out. Options could include DIY pails of garden flowers, corsages or bouts, bouquets or arch pieces. I offer services for partial or full weddings or events. Feel free to share with anyone looking for Fresh locally grown, unique flowers.

CSA 's ( Community Supported Agriculture) are a great way to enjoy the beauty of the gardens. May- October is the most lush and bountiful time to enjoy the freshest and best of the gardens. You choose how often you would like a bouquet and the size, options are monthly, bi monthly or weekly. You choose your pick up day. Your flowers are cut fresh just for you! An annual tour thru the gardens is also included- to see where your blooms were grown!

May we all enjoy the quiet this winter season brings. I know the Spring will have me hustling 😉 Until then I will be enjoying every sunny day we have, no matter the temperature!

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