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April Snowshowers bring...

When the sun shines all is good.....

April has been a month of extremes . A roller coaster ride. So many Spring promises. Now as I listen to the birds sing I hear the promises of a new season. As I stroll the gardens each morning in rain, shine or snow, I have I am filled with joy as I see each new sprout, bud and bloom. It is like a treasure hunt to see what has ....risen from the earth.

Wednesday was brutal with its cold and wind, but my plants were cozy and protected in layers, and I was, working on wedding flowers indoors. I am grateful for everyday I get to play with flowers. This early in the season it is hard to have a variety of blooms but that will change with each week of warmth we receive! This week ( and next weeks) wedding was designed with purchased flowers but I am always able to add something from my gardens no matter the season. By June we will be in full swing. With blooms of hyacinth ,allium, peonies, iris, delphinium, ranunculus, ladies mantle, lupines, coral bells, lily of the valley, larkspur, buplerium, bachelors buttons, love in a mist, sweet william, foxglove, pennycress, campanula, sweet peas, astilbe, feverfew, lavender maybe even a few sunflowers near the end. Now that is a transition from April to June! How I wish this variety was available in May or April.... but then I would have to move south and deal with their hot summers. So for now I am in NY, not for the winters but for the rest of the seasons.

This blog took me all week to write. I now have a puppy who is adorable but so distracting....

Need flowers? Contact me directly... I will be busy working in the gardens, designing a small wedding for early May , working on Mother's Day flowers and playing with Cody. The goal will be to post floral options and pictures daily this next week, stay tuned on Facebook , instagram or the website store. Quantities will be limited due to the season......

Watch for first class of season in June when the gardens are abundant.

Back to the garden I go..... Enjoy the sunshine, Brenda

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