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In search of Spring

April has arrived true to form, but as we know April showers bring May flowers. I just read thru my garden journal of the last 30 years, this is your average April weather sadly. Yet somehow I remember cold and snowy winters and warm Spring days! Being an outdoor person, as well as a lover of the seasons, I do admit I prefer winter to be shorter and I long for the sunshine and warm spring days!

My plants keep me sane in the crazy world we live in. I have quite a collection growing for this years Spring events! I can't wait to see those first blooms of the ranunculus, anemone and poppies! Also can't wait for the first tomato and peppers of the season direct from the gardens! Simple pleasures.....The greenhouse is full with cool season crops ready to be planted outdoors as soon as the weather allows. My indoor plant shelves are full and ready to head to the greenhouse as soon as I move the cool season crops out. Mid April is time to start the summer lovers- the zinnias, sunflowers and amaranth., along with an array of vegetables. I have been slowly working through my dahlias. Thanks to this gloomy week I can say the end is in sight... they have almost all been divided! Probably my least favorite of garden tasks-dividing dahlia tubers! Yet it is crazy how they multiply! And yes I have extra tubers for sale reach out if interested.The success of watching each eye form and sprout does make it all worth it! I will be doing a mini dahlia dividing session in class this Saturday... We will also be doing some seed starting... for more info go to

I love sharing my garden , flower and plant knowledge through classes. I attempt to offer a class each month unless things get to crazy. If you have a garden topic you would like discussed, reach out, or if you have a group and would like a private class that is also an option.

While flower season has begun with daffodils, forsythia and pussy willow, as soon as it warms up there will be many more options! Looking for a bouquet front porch pick up is always an option or reach out to schedule an appointment in the workshop. Looking for event flowers email me to check availability and options, whether bouquets, pails or custom designs by June we will have volumes of flowers!

The gardens have many seasons and a great way to enjoy those seasons is through a CSA subscription, you can choose monthly, bi weekly or weekly. Enjoy fresh locally grown flowers for 3-6 months. Front porch pick up on the day you choose or local delivery options may be available. ( email for delivery options) The CSA also makes a great Mother's Day gift- enjoy fresh flowers throughout the season, Not just on Mother's Day! An email will be sent on request for gift purchases. Questions reach out.

Everyone has their niche, flowers and gardening is my niche, while technology is not my friend....If you have questions with anything I offer a good " old fashioned email" is the easiest way to reach me for answers. Phone calls work too as long as my hands aren't covered in mud! I'm off to check my plants to see if they have grown since this morning! Happy Gardening! Brenda Westside Gardens

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