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Fickle March

As I read through my garden journal this morning, which I started in 1993, I am reminded how fickle the weather can be in March, and what an unusual year this is looking to be. While I am still holding my breath that we won't still have some late season heavy snows, I am busy planting and working in the gardens on the warmer days.... This time of year when we have sunny 40-60 degree days you will find me in the gardens! Spring is such a busy time that I try to be as prepped as possible and that means taking advantage of the good weather. Annual gardens are always much easier than perennial beds. The annuals you just rip out, clear your space and plant. I now have quite an inventory of perennial plants and bushes. Should anyone be interested in adopting a garden bed reach out- I would be happy to trade some tranquility,as well as flowers or vegetables from the gardens. Keeping the perennial beds weeded and mulched is always a battle, yet the colors they bring are phenomenal, especially early in the season.

With so many warmer days the hellebore are in full bloom as well as the pussy willow! I have been forcing forsythia and watching buds on the lilacs and tulips grow larger with each warm up. The ranunculus and anemone are lush and green it shouldn't be long before they begin to bud. Each week I start more seeds, starting with long season and cool season plants like eucalyptus, artichokes, onions, shallots, stock, statice and more.

This week I am hosting a couple classes.

March 11( Monday) is a Dried flower crafting night. We have lots of pussy willow to add to this months designs! Choose from a centerpiece, a wreath or topiary and get creative!

Saturday March 16 is a garden prep/ tip class. We will be discussing seed starting, ideal times and conditions, season extension, and you are invited to bring your hand shovel and dig seedlings for your gardens, from my gardens. Bring your garden questions and get ready to take advantage of these warm Spring days.

Enjoy the progress of the gardens with a CSA bouquet subscription.( CSA community supported agriculture) All 3-6 month subscriptions include a garden tour later in the season. Choose weekly, bimonthly- (twice a month) or monthly, bouquets arrangements or pails for DIY. Looking for event or wedding flowers I still have a few weekends available...

Enjoy the journey, more info on website or email me for more info...

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