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Flowery February

February has arrived! Spring is on the way! Anyone who knows me, knows I need flowers in my life, not sometimes but All the time! Yes I am a bit obsessed. I love all aspects of flowers... not only their beautiful colors. I enjoy the journey of their existence. The journey of planting the seed, of watching it sprout. Watching it grow to become a seedling and then a plant in the garden. I am always amazed with the first blooms of the season, and then to see the lush gardens of July, August and September always takes my breath away. The gardens are a magical place, full of love, peace and tranquility. There is no where I'd rather be! Sharing the flowers I have grown is a privilege as well as a lot of hard work. The hard work is offset knowing my flowers are enjoyed.

Every year my favorite blooms return but I am always trying new things. Newest to my collection is flowering shrubs, some of which I started planting 3-4 years ago . Everything I plant serves many purposes. The shrubs, to add uniqueness to my bouquets, but also as a wind block from those west winds. I do a lot of companion planting for the bees, birds and butterflies , but also to help with gardens pests. Onions and garlic are good edible pest control plants! The flowers I plant are used for fresh bouquets and often times dried for longer lasting beauty. This brings me back toFlowerful February. When I had my retail shop my favorite time of year at work, was the cold, snowy days of winter when my cozy shop was filled with flowers! Nowadays I am happy to be working from home on the farm, but winters sure can be long! This February I am surrounded by seedlings ( for the gardens) and dried flowers ( from the gardens). For the most part February can be a flowerless time of year... but not in my world..... I am busy with dried flower classes until I can start gardening again. While things are quiet I have the time for classes. Feel free to join a class with a friend or if you have a group, reach out to schedule a private class.I am also available to schedule a viewing to purchase a dried arrangement in my humble, often messy workshop.

Flowerless February is not part of my vocabulary, so I have ordered fresh flowers from the wholesalers. My little workshop will be full of fresh flowers for sale Feb 10-15. I will post hours as it gets closer or feel free to schedule an appointment. I will be accepting a limited amount of local deliveries also.

After we venture through February, March madness arrives. The Spring and Winter like days, bring lots of growth and promise to the gardens, as well as true excitement of the season to come.

I am booking dates for events and weddings with flowers from the gardens. Spring begins with forsythia, pussy willow, hellebore and bulbs. June-September the gardens are overflowing with lushness and color. October brings us to dahlia heaven with other incredible cool season offerings. If you are planning an event and are looking for local seasonal flowers reach out, you won't be disappointed! Just prior to your event you are invited to tour the gardens to choose the freshest and best from the gardens.

Keep dreaming of Spring,

Brenda / Westside Gardens

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