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April Showers

Rainy days in the Spring are actually good gardening days. Not full out rain, but in between the rain. Perfect for yanking out those deep rooted dandelions and weeds from the garden. It's actually one of Cody's favorite activities. I have pitch forks everywhere -I pick them up at flea markets- my tool of choice. When Cody see's a pitchfork he will stand and nose butt it until I pick it up and dig and toss weeds. He will then jump and catch them and shake them like crazy, wildly, shaking out the soil . It's quite entertaining! Eventually I rake them up and toss them!

My favorite time for transplanting is before a rain. The rain settles everything in and there is no transplant shock. One of the reasons Spring is so busy in the gardens is because I spend a lot of time transplanting. With so many perennials I am constantly dividing them and moving them to find the perfect location. It is amazing how healthy and prolific plants can be in the correct location. Last year I moved a lot of perennials, they are looking great this Spring! I can't wait to see them flower! With so much transition and rotation in the gardens Spring becomes so exciting with all it's new growth and and dreams of the future seasons. Gardening is all about experimentation. What does good one year may not do so good another. Depending on rain, or warmth. Definitely on Mother Nature..... Then there are other perennials that happily bloom during their season no matter what! Spring and fall are the hardest to predict as bloom time depends on the warmth of the season. There are so many buds forming in the gardens, we just need some warmth and they will all be popping! I am looking forward to the lilacs,lupines, campanulas, peonies, foxglove, delphinium,feverfew, astilbe, snapdragons, statice, larkspur, lavender, hydrangea, sunflowers, zinnias, lisianthus , dahlias and so much more!

May flowers.... there will be many... I just don't know when they will bloom. Hoping for a bounty at Mother's Day. But it could also snow then, so who knows. I will be supplementing in May with florist flowers. I do a limited amount of local deliveries, I feel my time is more productive in the gardens but especially Mother's Day week I will be available for more deliveries. But again I will be limiting the deliveries as I am not interested in doing the hundreds we did from the Flower Shop.

Mother's Day- lots of options, various CSA options to enjoy...... CSA pick ups done here on the farm will include a garden stroll during the season. I always wish we had a bit of a warmer climate so there were more floral options in May. But June -mid October there are so many options which is why the CSA's are so fun! Enjoy a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, bouquet, arrangement or pail of flowers for the DIY ers..... Small cash and carry bouquets are on the stand throughout the season. Also feel free to email, text, or message me tor any special order requests or the freshest arrangements of the day can be available by appointment or front porch pick up.

Because of my busy event season I will be offering a July and an August Garden tour and class. You can also book a private class with 6 or more people.

Phew I squeezed in an April blog! What a busy month it has been! I enjoy my garden/ outdoor time much more than computer time.... can you tell?

Thanks for following my gardening journey and passion for flowers!

Brenda/ Westside Gardens

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