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Changing Seasons

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Fall is in the air! Probably the hardest part for me is the shorter days! While the cooler temps make it easier to accomplish in the garden , the early sunsets remind us of what's to come! Atleast it is cool enough for bonfires now!

This time of year much of the time is spent harvesting fresh flowers or for drying.... Deadheading is another activity which gives us continual blooms..... I am also ripping out spent plants as well as planting cool season crops for next year.... This year being so dry I am watering the beds more than usual.... The dahlias keep getting better and better with each passing week. They love the cooler temps and are busting with amazing colors! The pumpkins on a stick and eucalyptus are taller then ever before! Thanks to the additional watering! Crops I started later in the season will be blooming soon as earlier crops fade out . The garden is always evolving....

A month of classes have been posted . Check out a garden tour while we have the beautiful colors! Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers! Cash and carry pre-mades are on the stand now that the temps are cooler. Custom designer bouquets are front porch pick ups.... contact me directly to order yours.... email, text or call.....

Most classes are 4-12 people max, due to covid.... they are all open air classes in the gardens... so far the weather has cooperated very well.... Join us and enjoy the beauty, peace and serenity of the gardens... All classes are kid friendly.- I am always looking to inspire the next generation to garden! Private classes are available weekly with groups of 5 or more....Check out our Events on the website or facebook...

Off to the gardens I go....... Hope you will join me for a class!

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