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Giving Thanks

Another year of gardening is winding down. What a busy one it has been.... Yes I have been quiet of late. September and October kept me very busy....October with it's weddings and putting the gardens to sleep and prepping for next year. Fall always gives gardener's a clearer vision, with new hopes for the following years gardens. As I clear away last years plants I see space differently. New plans come to mind, new ideas to transform the garden. I enjoy seeing all the cool season crops popping up , and dream of next season with excitement. I may not have been sharing as many pictures because , as I rip out the gardens, the gardens aren't as picturesque... but that will soon change... not to flowery garden pictures ,but the last hooray of bittersweet and it's glorious fall colors,and then finally to everything evergreen.

What a long year it has been. I am taking the week of November 6-13 off... then I will be back in action....Loaded with fall and evergreen decorating, and gift giving ideas... from the gardens and farm, both fresh and dried. Well mostly, but not entirely, because I also have a good selection of artificial fall and Christmas silks, available for viewing or custom orders .

I will be spending my days in the workshop.... which will be open if you don't mind my mess.... it means I am being creative... :)

Thank you for all who have supported my garden endeavor and my love of flowers and the great outdoors. Everyone who has dropped their email on my website will be entered to win a Thanksgiving arrangement! A separate drawing will be held before Christmas! May you all enjoy your holiday season! And Thank you from one flower lover to another! Brenda

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Hey Brenda! Where do we drop our email on your website?

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