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Who could have imagined I would be cutting more than evergreens this late in November... rather crazy , but yes I am hoping it will make the winter feel shorter... I have had so much fun creating seasonal fall centerpieces and arrangements straight from the gardens and farm... Obviously I will not run out of evergreens anytime too soon. This years bumper crops of kale, dusty miller, bittersweet and rosehips loved the fall weather, as did I! Novembers arrangements also included eucalyptus, lavender greens and fresh rosemary! So much fragrance and texture,because it has been such a mild November... I can honestly say I have not seen this kind of weather in November in my almost 30 years of gardening.. I distinctly remember last November and battling the pre-Thanksgiving snow! I have some of the kale protected and covered in the gardens so I am still cutting, this weekends 50 degree weather will keep them growing.... So if you need a flower fix let me know.

Otherwise I am thick in the middle of evergreens. The nice thing about the evergreens is they last sooo long... I love to decorate the porch with them as it looks so bare after the flowers and plants are gone.... And they last till spring with no care!!!

I'll be busy in the workshop these next few weeks, if you are looking for anything reach out to me to schedule an appointment ( there is a nice selection in shop artificial, dried and fresh) In the cooler and in the Big Barn- Shetler Tree Farm...You can also order online for front porch non contact pick up, from the website.

I am working on a 12 month of flowers program as well as a fresh flower CSA ( community supported agriculture) I hope to have the programs posted soon.... as they make good holiday gifts.....

Because I have spent many, many years working retail, I am not looking to open a retail shop again... so I will not have set retail hours, but feel free to contact me for a viewing, consultation or front porch pick up.... This summer I was so busy gardening, and re-inventing my business plan , and with the classes there wasn't much design time ,so this next season I hope to do alot more of that...

Thank you all for supporting me in my love of flowers, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, Brenda

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