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Lost in The Garden

Another interesting growing season is upon us. March and early April were pleasant enough. Then came the cold and damp of late April and early May. Now in Mid-May we have entered Summer... yes hooray, but. The seedlings don't know what to think, first they were cold and now hot, and dry too. Strange for mid May. My favorite planting time is right before it rains, that way the rain waters the plants in. Early on, in the Season that worked, but now with the warmer temps I have to water the new seedlings daily to get them established. Another job on the list of things to do.

The Spring rush is on and I may have taken on too many projects. I started early spring cleaning out the perennial beds and my troublesome spots. I have certainly made more than my share of gardening mistakes, I guess that is how you learn. I dug out quite a few invasive/ overgrown areas. Pretty amazing how much some plants can take over in 9 short years.

Tonite I worked on the hummingbird garden ( strategically planted across from the yoga area). Plants include scarlet runner bean, nasturtium and scarlet flame zinnia. I also am looking forward to blooms on the moonflower trellis this year!

My new water pump in the garden is amazing but oh what a mess it created. I knew we had rocks, but I had no idea we had boulders too. You will have to see those in person! I will be working on patching the yards for quite some time!

Next topic- Classes! I am so looking forward to sharing the gardens for another season! I love the sound of the birds and windchimes and even the insects! The scenery gets better with each week as everything turns greener, grows taller and the buds get bigger and bigger until they burst into color! Allium, Pennycress, Wood Hyacinth, Lilac, Peonies, Delphinium, Lupine, Coral Bells, Lady's Mantle, Lily of the Valley, Astilbe, Lavender, Iris, and Foxglove, just to name a few are all budding and popping now and in the near future. I am booking private classes for the Summer for groups of 6 or more. I have had a request for a Drying class , I could offer that in May or June , the class would include 3 6-packs of plants that are excellent for drying. We would discuss drying techniques and show you a collection of everlastings (flowers that dry well). This class will get you prepared to dry your own this summer and fall. If you are interested reach out to me and we will choose a date that works for all.

The Garden Tour and Bouquet Classes vary per season depending on what is in bloom. It will be a banner year for the peonies and astilbe! Can't wait! Hope you will join me in the Garden's , I'd love to share the beauty and joy that I find there. And yes you can take some home with you! Can't make a class, contact me to order a bouquet, fresh from the gardens.

I also have a limited number of my extra plants available, again contact me if interested or order from the website

Brenda/ Westside Gardens

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