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Summertime Bliss

The gardens are now in Jungle mode... I'm amazed at how tall everything is... It is a totally different garden from a mere few months ago.... There is so much color... sunflowers are in full bloom, neon dianthus, and the zinnias... the dahlias are quickly getting there quickly.... Cut my first eucalyptus tonite! I am testing it now, fingers crossed it is mature enough to start using in arrangements...

How do I sell my flowers... by the stem, handful, in an arrangement, or a DIY pail.... Planning a gathering? I can sell you single flowers, mason jar pre-made bouquets or a pail of flowers to design your own arrangements. Or order a "flower bar" assortment that your guests can play with to make their own arrangements....great for birthday parties!

My August special is local delivery on bouquets,arrangements and pails...... Sign up for a 5 week CSA in August and you get free drop off with in a 10 mile radius.... $25 minimum.... on Fridays..... outside of 10 miles a delivery charge applies...

My best ideas happen in the tranquility of the garden..... taking the time and effort to put them online is my least favorite thing to do.... so bare with me , or email, text or even call if you have questions... I can't always answer the phone but if you leave a message I know you are not spam and will return the call asap!

Watch the upcoming events... we've had good luck so far with the weather.....I am working on a Seeds and Succulents class for kids, shoot me an email with your availability, if you are interested ...I usually add classes a week prior..... Get a handful of friends together and we will do a private class.... What a great way to spend an evening...... Looking forward to meeting you in the tranquility of the gardens.... Brenda

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